• BBQ Rubs Ebook-Innovation
  • BBQ Rubs Ebook-Innovation

BBQ Rubs Ebook

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Struggling to find the best rub for your barbecue? We got you covered with an E-book which has recipes that combine the secret ingredients of the Pitmasters to make your BBQ finger licking good! Get rid of store bought rubs and make your own rubs at home!

It can be extremely challenging to find the right rubs recipe. You may shuffle through your recipe book or go on a searching spree online for hours and hours only to find nothing.

It’s a daunting experience when you have your meat prepared but are still unable to find the best, easy and perfect rub.

As we all know, homemade rubs are the perfect way to enhance your backyard barbecue game. Homemade rubs are easy to make and the main advantage is that you can control the flavor by adding desired ingredients.

From the past years, I have been struggling through the same issue. I wish someone would have introduced an e-book back then so that I could master my barbecue skills without wasting my time.

Keeping my experience in mind, I have compiled an easy-to-follow recipe guide by which you can prepare any kind of rub within minutes.

This e-book contains 16 different types of rub recipes. This is a one-stop solution for every barbecue lover that is looking for a complete list of homemade rubs. So no need to skim your books or search online as you will find every recipe of rubs here.

A BBQ Rubs recipe book with 16 best home crafted recipes with ingredients that are engineered perfectly to the smallest of their quantities.

10$ is just kept as a token money and is not the actual price of the book. The book is being kept FREE for a limited time only if you buy the King of the Grill T-shirt.

  • Tandoori Masala Rub
  • Italian Seasoning Chicken Rub
  • Great Chicken BBQ Rub
  • Great Chicken Rub
  • Neely's BBQ Sauce
  • Smoker Rib Rub
  • BBQ Dry Spice Rub
  • Rosemary-Garlic Rub for Pork, Chicken or Salmon
  • Quito's Barbecue Butt Rub
  • BBQ Beef Chili Rub & Coffee Cure
  • Coffee Rub
  • All Purpose California Beef Rub
  • Burger Rub
  • Homemade Blueberry BBQ Sauce
  • Basic Pork Rub
  • Sweet Memphis BBQ Rub


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