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The Voice Controlled Wooden Alarm Clock is fashioned out of Wood and is digital. It comes with Multi-function LED; it has an Alarm system with snooze capabilities and it has a USB Power Supply. The Wooden Alarm has a Timer and a Thermometer as well. Get this Wooden Alarm Clock has no buttons or plastic parts which make it look more stylish!

The Wood Alarm Clock is designed for simplicity, there are no buttons or plastic parts on the front and sides of the clock. It displays time, date, week, temperature, and alarm clock functions with the LED lights that glow through the wooden finish for a clean yet modern look.

The Wooden Digital Clock has a dual power mode:

  • Can be plugged in via USB cable (included)
  • Backed up by 4 AAA batteries (not included)

Wooden Digital Clock Specifications:

  • Material :Wood
  • LED Display Color: White
  • Brightness: 3-level(L1-L2-L3)
  • Power source: Batteries or charging cord
  • Input: DC 5v/500mA with the usb cable
  • Sound sensor: on(00:sd)/off (--:sd)
  • Dimensions: 15cm x 7cm x 4cm (6nxn2.8nxn1.6ninches)
  • Net Weight: 11 ounces

Wooden Digital Clock Features:

  • UP to 3 alarms - If you need more than one alarm during the day, you can set up to 3 alarms (--: A1, --: A2, -- A3) at different times based on your needs, to make sure you are always on time.
  • Weekday alarm: Press the SET key for 3 second to enter setup. When the display starts flashing, press “SET” key for 15 times to reach the Work Day/Daily alarm setup, use “UP” and “DOWN” key to adjust. When ON: E is shown, you can have pleasant dreams without alarms on the weekend. When --: E is shown, the alarm clock will ring daily
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