• Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation
  • Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)-Innovation

Mini Car Fridge (7.5L)

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The car fridge has a SEMICONDUCTOR REFRIGERATION SYSTEM . The Car Fridge is is different from ordinary household refrigerator because it does not use mechanical compression thus eliminating the need of a compressor, instead it uses using electronic (semiconductor) cooling principle. And it does pollute the environment The Car Fridge is also convenient to plug into the car cigarette lighter for its power supply.

It is MULTIFUNCTION - Set to warm up or choose to cool , ideal for drinks, snacks and meals when camping. While refrigeration, it is able to be cool lower than the room temperature.

EASE OF USE - Light weight and comes with a strap, so the car fridge can be carried on the shoulder. Designed to fit in the back seat of your car or floor.

CONVENIENCE- plug into your car’s 12V cigarette lighter and let product do its magic!.

LOW NOISE - The cooler and warmer car fridge is energy saving and Eco-friendly, non-pollution causing, and it has a along life.

It has the space to put in 12 COKE CANS or BEER CANS. It has a cooling temperature of 59 to 77 F and a heating temperature of 122 to 131 F.

Item Width: 8.27 in
Item Length: 13.78 in
Item Volume: 7.5 L / 7.92 quarts
Voltage: 12 V
Item Weight: 1.385 kg / 3.05 lb
Item Height: 13.39 in
Power: 30W (cooling), 28W (warming)

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