• BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation
  • BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation
  • BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation
  • BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation
  • BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation
  • BBQ Spray Bottle-Innovation

BBQ Spray Bottle

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Tired of all the useless BBQ Spray Bottles which are good for nothing? Tired of Basting each and every piece yourself? We know your usual grill spray does not fulfill your BBQ spraying needs. Well try our Pneumatic BBQ Spray Bottle to spray all your skewers and steaks on the grill all at once. Its Unique design will help you cook delicious BBQ for your mates!

The Pneumatic BBQ Spray Bottle is perfect tool for spraying oil and sauce on your delicious pork, beef, chicken or lamb BBQ. It is a 2 in 1 BBQ Spray Bottle as it holds your liquid sauce or oil and simultaneously sprays it over your BBQ.

It is made up of state of the art plastic, and it is highly durable. The BBQ Spray Bottle has an adjustable nozzle. So you can adjust the amount of spread you want on your grill or you can adjust it according to what you deem fit that your grill spray should cover. The Pneumatic BBQ Spray can hold your delicious and aromatic grill spray. 

Our BBQ Spray Bottle has a hand pressure design; it operates on the principle of Pneumatic which increases its efficiency. All you have to do is press the handle of the BBQ spray Bottle and see the Grill Spray work wonders for you as it sprays all the oil and seasoning on your Grill.

This BBQ Spray Bottle is one of its kind and you it to yourself and your BBQ to have one of these at your disposal so you can make the most mouth-watering BBQ ever!

Capacity: 1L

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