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Stove Protector

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Protect your stove top from messes and stains with this pack of 4 Stove Top Protectors. It lays flat on your stove and keeps your stove top looking neat and clean so you can cook without a worry.

The set of 4 stove protectors are pre-cut for your convenience, easy to install and easy to remove for hassle free use. These stove top covers are also dishwasher safe for your convenience and can simply be wiped down with a wet sponge between uses.

These gas range protectors have a thickness of 0.11 mm for improved longevity and added protection from spills and splatters. Durable high-quality materials help make life easier with reliable coverage.

REUSABLE: Nonstick coating makes it easy to reuse over and over again. So go ahead and cook on the stove carefree, and get rid of the mess in seconds before your guests arrive for dinner.

This gas stove burner covers can keep your range surface clean, do not interfere with cooking. Whenever stuff splashes or falls on them, you just toss the stove top burner liners in the dishwasher, and they come out great. They make mleaning a breeze. After cooking, all you have to do is take the gas stove burner covers out to rinse off. And the stove stays clean. It’s much easier than scrubbing the stove down all the time.

The Stove Protectors can be cut to custom fit. The gas stove burner covers are basically the grill mats cut to basic range shapes. You can cut them to a perfect, custom fit with ease.

They are Heat Resistant. These gas stove burner covers are heat proof. There is no shape changing or any kind of damage caused by heat. They blend with your stove unless you are close you don't even know the gas range protectors are there.

Eco-Friendly: Yes
Material: Glass fiber
Color: Black, Silver
Size: Approx. 270 x 270mm
Thickness: 0.11mm
Quantity: 4 pcs/set
Temperatures: Up to 260
Easy to wash: Yes

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